Imagine the folk-rock intensity of two famous Johns (Lennon and Hiatt) mixed with the tenacity of David Suzuki and delivered by a sincere, fun-loving uncle with stories to tell. That’s what you get from Glenn Sutter (sue-ter), a Regina singer-songwriter known for his honest, intelligent songs about nature, love, and the human condition. Whether he’s playing solo or with his band Rivertime, Sutter touches on shared joys and truths, until it feels like you’re catching up with an old friend. He often writes about the storms that rumble through life, but he also shows us the sunrise and what it means to be resilient.

A lifelong musician, Sutter also has a PhD in biology, which he brings into a popular program he runs called Songs for Nature. He got into songwriting in 2007 after attending a similar University of Saskatchewan program at Emma Lake. Shortly after releasing his debut CD All You Need in 2008, produced by WCMA-winner David j Taylor, one of the tracks, Weight of the World, was chosen as the Saskatchewan track on Suzuki's Playlist for the Planet (CBC Radio3). Sutter followed this with Seeds, a 2010 collaboration with Brett Dolter (Library Voices, B.D. Willoughby), a 2011 solo release called Sweet Happiness, also produced by Taylor, and a 2015 studio album called Let the Dog Run, produced by Mark Schmidt. His latest album, co-produced with Orion Paradis, is a 2019 collection of folk-rock gems called In Rivertime

With each album, Sutter has attracted significant media attention, done bigger tours, and played at major events, including Regina’s Symphony Under the Sky, the Brandon Folk Festival, and All Folk’d Up in Montmarte. He has also been more involved in music education. Shortly after his 2015 release, he launched the Songs for Nature program, which he continues to coordinate as Curator of Human Ecology at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.

Sutter recorded and co-produced In Rivertime with Orion Paradis at Soulsound Studio. The songs strike a gentle balance between worldly concerns and self-reflection, including the importance of getting some “rivertime” once in a while. The album features Richie Pollack (Pile ‘o Bones Brass Band) on harmonica, and Karley Anne Parovsky (Wolf Willow) on violin. It also reflects the creative energy of his talented band, which currently includes Anthony Bzdell (Binder Twine and the Balers) on lead guitar and mandolin, Gilles Groleau (another Baler) on violin and percussion, Michael Paul (Scott Richmond, Jeffery Straker, Rebecca Lascue) on bass, and Chris Carman (The New Montagues) on drums. 

After releasing his new album for an enthusiastic crowd at the Artesian and having a show filmed for the Sasktel OnDemand series, Sutter and his band are primed and ready to play more shows. Now that the pandemic is easing up they are aiming to line up gigs and apply to festivals, so watch this website for details!