Studio time! 

It's exciting to be getting back into the studio! The band is cooking, so stay tuned for updates as we get my next album put together. Also look for us to be doing some shows over the spring and summer. We're all keen to play!

Live on 11th tracks 

It's fun to be releasing tracks from the show that my band Rivertime did last April, with harp-man Richie Pollack, as part of the Live on 11th series at the Dodger. The tunes are posted on the Music page and I think they sound great, thanks to top-shelf playing by Richie and the band and mixing/mastering by Brodie Mohninger. 

If you want, you can download them for $0 or whatever you want to pay.

Here's what I've been saying with each post:

1. All You Need - I used to play this love song as a fast, pulsing song and recorded it that way for my first album. I’m glad to have this version, since it has a nice feel with a slower relaxed beat and the band always has fun with it.

2. A Day Like This - For someone who's always been prone to worry, it's surprising that I wrote a song that includes the line "not a care in the world." But that's really how I felt, many years ago on a bright summer day in Assiniboine Park in Wpg. Richie plays on the album version and nails it again here. I especially like when he and Buzz start trading licks towards the end. Add in the groove from Michael bass and Chris drums and it's a keeper!

3. Crazy Game - I'm posting this in early September, as kids and teachers heading back to school and people back to work after a long weekend. Seems like a good time for a new song about getting caught up in the rat race! This is the only recording I have of this tune, so I'm glad we country-rocked it!

4. Green Fire - This is a gentle song inspired by people who are responding to the big issues we all face by making their corner of the world a bit better. I try to do what I can, but I'm inundated and often overwhelmed by news about pervasive social, economic, and environmental problems. This tune comes in handy when I need to reflect and recharge.

5. Old Crow - This tune is about the pursuit of wisdom and how important that is, given the state of the world. I was inspired to write it after watching a crow in downtown Regina. They're amazing, intelligent birds and it got me thinking that wisdom comes in many forms and may be all around us, if we care to see it. Listen for the fantastic extended solo by guitar-man Anthony Bzdell, starting around the 2:10 mark, and the great drumming by in-the-pocket Chris Carman. Carries me away every time!

6. Tiny Devils - The last song, one we often end with, is about the classic struggle between good and evil. It gives people a chance to say "oo-na-na" (oh, no no) to the devil and, as you can hear, they usually do. This tune is a workout for bass-guy Michael Paul and, as usual, he nails it! It's also fun to hear Richie's call-out at the end, even though he makes my last name sound like butter. My bad for assuming people know it rhymes with cuter! 

On behalf of the band, and Richie, thanks again to Jon Hillfor inviting us to be part of the Live on 11th series, to everyone who came out to that show, and to Brodie Mohninger for mixing and mastering these tracks.  

If you've been enjoying them, please let me know. It's always nice to get feedback.

Hope to see you down the road, maybe at the next Rivertime show!

Thanks, and January gigs. 

Now that 2016 is all but over, I wanted to post a big THANKS to everyone who supported my musical endeavours over the last year. Between tours, festival shows, jamming with the Rivertime band, and writing and getting feedback about new songs, it was a fun ride! 

I hope to keep it all going next year, and for a while after that!  As some of you know, I'll be playing 2 shows with Rivertime here in Regina next month.  We're at Bushwakkers on Wed, Jan 11 as part of their folk music series, and then at The Club on Thu, Jan 26, with an opening set by Brent Nielsen.  You'll find details about these shows at the links below: 

Jan 11 - Bushwakker Brewing Company - 8 - 10:30 pm, no cover. 

Jan 26 - The Club - Doors 7:30, Show 8, $10 at the door. 

Wishing you all the best for 2017!

Cover of "Joy" 

Just posted a cover of Joy by Apollo 100 on my Music page. Thank you, J.S. Bach for one of the happiest melodies ever!

Tour wrap-up 

I just posted a big THANKS on Facebook aimed at people and places who helped with my spring tour.  Here's the gist of it...

Thanks to: Pam Maclean Belcher, Jennifer Hoesgen, Ray Whitton, Lyn Besse McGinnis, RobandLouise Walker, Sara Turner, Daryl Sutter, Joanna Sutter, Alyssa Sutter, David Cyca, Clare Bev Somersall and the gang, Dianna-Lee Fraser, Barb Johnston, Elroy Dooley, Joan Sutter, Fay Jelly, Clare Agnew, Bill and Winifred Belcher, Jo-Anne Joyce and Jim Rettie, Scott Winslow, Tony Szumigalski, Glen Cassie, Blair McEvoy, Michele Taylor, Alice Taylor, others I've missed - and of course, Joyce Belcher. 

Also thanks to the venues: d'Lish by Tish Cafe, Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery, the Gog, Cha Island, the Ironwood, Claresholm United Church, Urban Ground, Woodfire Deli, Gopher Creek Coffee Company,Prairie Firehouse, Morden Art Gallery, Seine River Residence, the King's Head - and to CFCR, The Souris Plaindealer, The Brandon Sun, The Morden Times, CJUM, and other media outlets that picked up on it. 

Sincerely grateful to all these people, places, and organizations for all the nice moments and memories, and to Creative Saskatchewan for the touring grant! 

I've posted shots from most of the shows on the photos page. If you have any to add just lemme know!

Searchlight 2016 

I've pitched the video for my tune Green Fire into the 2016 CBC Searchlight competition.  You can check it out, and vote for it, via this link: 

According to the rules for Round 1, you can vote once per day, as many times as you want, between now and April 20 (until 2:59 pm EST). 

Western leg done 

Just back from the Western leg of my prairie release tour for Let the Dog Run.  Had a fantastic time visiting with family and old and new friends, and very thankful to everyone who helped with the shows and put me up.  Looking forward to more of the same when I head into MB for a week of shows in April!

Final tour plans 

Everything's firmed up for my prairie tour.  Can't wait to get it started!

Western trip:   

  • Mar 17 - d'Lish by Trish, Saskatoon - 7 pm show, $10 at the door  
  • Mar 18 - Art Gallery, Humboldt - 6:30 doors, $10 at the door 
  • Mar 19 - The Gog, North Battleford - 7 pm doors, $20 at the door   
  • Mar 20 - Cha Island - Edmonton - 7 pm show, no cover 
  • Mar 21 - Ironwood Stage and Grill, Calgary - 8 pm show, $10 at the door  
  • Mar 22 - United Church fund-raiser, Claresholm  - 7 pm show, $10 advance, $15 at the door 
  • Mar 23 - Urban Ground, Swift Current  - 7 pm doors, no cover 

Eastern trip:   

  • Apr 7 - Woodfire Deli, Souris - 7 pm doors, $10 at the door 
  • Apr 8 - Gopher Creek Coffee Co, Virden - 7 pm show, $10 at the door 
  • Apr 9 - Prairie Firehouse, Brandon - 8 pm show, no cover 
  • Apr 10 - Art Gallery, Morden - 7 pm show, $10 at the door 
  • Apr 11 - House concert, Winnipeg - 7 pm, $10 at the door. We'll also be passing the hat for the Winnipeg Syrian Refugee Sponsorship Program! RSVP to Jo-Anne at for address and details. 
  • Apr 13 – King's Head, Winnipeg, with Blair McEvoy - 7 pm doors, $10 at the door

A Great Year! 

As 2015 fades, I wanted to post a note of appreciation to everyone who's been involved with or supported my music over the last year.  The last 12 months have been full of gigs, workshops, and other great experiences, especially with the release of my new CD.  To that end, I want to say a special thanks to the industry folks who helped to bring the album to life, especially producer Mark Schmidt, David j Taylor, all the guest musicians who played on it and for the November release (over a dozen!), and publicist Jen Eisler.  We keep getting positive feedback about it and a number of radio stations have been playing it, so that's pretty rewarding! 

If you'd like to add my album to your CD shelf, you can order it via the Music & Merch page on my website.  If you'd rather download it, you can do that via or  

Looking ahead, I'll be playing a number of local shows in Jan and Feb and then heading out on a prairie-wide tour in the late winter and spring, starting with a trip west in March. I'll be posting details on the Shows page as they firm up. 

Thanks for a great year!

Album launch! 

What a blast we had at the launch party for Let the Dog Run!  From the opener (Poor Nameless Boy), the band and the sound, to the volunteers, and of course the packed house, the show was great in many ways.  There's was even a seasonal twist - as you can see in some of the audience photos above!

Now that the excited has eased a bit, I've uploaded a few tunes from the album on the Music & Merch page.  That's also where you can buy a copy of the album and/or a snazzy t-shirt featuring the album cover art by my buddy Alex Szalai.

My thanks again to everyone who helped get this thing done!
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  • Tere de la Garza

    Tere de la Garza Mexico City

    dear Glenn, What a beautiful song you wrote, I like it very much, the rhythm, the letter and the guitar, everything matches perfectly well. congratulations!!

    dear Glenn,

    What a beautiful song you wrote, I like it very much, the rhythm, the letter and the guitar, everything matches perfectly well.


  • Jonathon Skylandis

    Jonathon Skylandis London, Ontario

    I was very touched by "seems like yesterday" what a gorgeous song!!:agree::love:

    I was very touched by "seems like yesterday" what a gorgeous song!!agreelove

  • Conrad Bergs

    Conrad Bergs Missisauga, Ontario

    ;);););););););):rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: I enjoy the music you make

    winkwinkwinkwinkwinkwinkwinkwinkrolleyesrolleyesrolleyes I enjoy the music you make

  • Kristine Hessner Bowes

    Kristine Hessner Bowes Winnipeg

    Nice to be sitting and working and listening to your tunes in the background.Congrats on your success!:D

    Nice to be sitting and working and listening to your tunes in the background.Congrats on your success!biggrin