High Hopes lyrics

I've posted this before, but I still get questions about the lyrics for this tune, so I thought I'd put it up again. The tune for High Hopes started with the main riff, and the story emerged as I was thinking about a homeless guy I know who literally lives in his truck, with his dog.  He must have it rough at times, especially through our brutally cold prairie nights, but thankfully he always seems to have enough to get by, and to buy his daily coffee.  The song is about him, but it's also about a woman I read about who married rich and seems to have her own problems. Maybe they both rely on some sort of hope, I thought, and the song came to life.

On the production side, I always wanted to have a strong accent on the third beat of the main riff. In studio I suggested the sound of a heavy chain being dropped onto a hard surface, and genius Dave j Taylor arranged for that very thing. I love the texture it adds, as well as the image of a ball-and-chain that comes up everytime it happens!

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