We are none of us alone

I'm writing this on the ferry from Victoria to Vancouver, surrounded by strangers and scenes that are vaguely familiar (I've done this trip before) but very different from my prairie home. I'm on a week-long tour to promote my music, and the main thing on my mind is: there's no way I could do this alone. I get the irony, since I'm doing solo shows and feeling "alone in a crowd" at the moment, but the evidence is solid. Every move I make is supported or facilitated by someone else, from people (especially my wife) looking after things at home, to friends and family I've stayed with, to the crew of this boat. Most of the autonomy I might feel is an illusion, and I think it's good to keep that in mind. There are too many  forces, including political and corporate interests, that depend on people feeling divided, isolated, powerless. When I realize that I'm not any of these things, it's easier to be mindful, engaged, and compassionate. These are effective and welcome antidotes, when things start getting to me. They sort of keep me afloat, just like this big ol' boat - which is now about to dock. Thanks, everyone, for helping out!

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