Video for "Promises"

Excited to be releasing a video for "Promises" tomorrow!  Unless there are hitches, it'll be live at after 1 pm CST. And then the same kind of fun next week, for another tune!

Album news - aiming for Nov 21

I thought I should post an quick update about the album I'm working on.  It's going to be called Let the Dog Run, and the cover art (below) features a wonderful charcoal drawing of my dog by Alex Szalai, an…

Last call for dog photos!

Big thanks to everyone who's already sent me dog photos or videos for the video we're putting together!  It's going to be a fun way to highlight my upcoming album, which we're still aiming to release in mid October.  If…

The Album is On!

Very excited to have my next album on track, thanks to a grant from Creative Saskatchewan!  The plan is to record it over the spring and summer, aiming for a release in the fall.  The songs are ready - we…

Searchlight 2015

It's fun to be part of CBC Searchlight again.  I don't think I'll get very far, but it's cool to think that more people will hear some of my stuff.  Here's a link, if you want to vote for the…

New video!

Still buzzed from the release of the video that Rory Dunn and I did for my tune Sunlight After Rain.  There was a nice crowd for the release event at the Dodger last night, and people seem to be enjoying…

Runner up in Song of the Year contest!

Earlier this month, I was excited to find out that my song "Promises" is a runner up in the latest Song of the Year contest.  Here's the announcement.

"Promises" is about anticipating and remembering the good things.  I hope…

Music and me

I just re-read a wonderful review of a show I gave back in 2012, by my friend Laureen Marchand.  I thought I'd post a link to it, since it's a beautiful description of the night and it sums up why…

We are none of us alone

I'm writing this on the ferry from Victoria to Vancouver, surrounded by strangers and scenes that are vaguely familiar (I've done this trip before) but very different from my prairie home. I'm on a week-long tour to promote my music…

West coast tour!

  It's getting closer!  I'm excited to be heading off on my first-ever west coast tour later this month!  Thanks in advance to my musical buddy Glenn Chatten for setting up the Vancouver events, and my Victoria friends Trevor and Erika …

Nice press, and Vancouver shows

Still buzzing about the nice press I got this week as the cover story in QC Regina! For those who haven't seen it, you can check it out here.

Also excited to be playing a string of shows in…

Neil and me

The recent buzz around #neilyoung and the fact that I'm going to his Regina show this week got me thinking about the time that I almost played piano with him!  Mark Segstro, you were there, so  if you see this…