Introducing my band!

I'm excited to be playing with a band again!  Over the last few months I've pulled a fantastic group of musicians together to add depth and breadth to my tunes. The core of the group includes steady-on Steve Kruzeniski on…

Game On! Hockey Song

Really excited to have a song in the CBC Hockey Night in Canada Song Quest!  People have been playing and seem to like it, so fingers crossed that it gets into the next round!  Here's the link:

Link to Game

Video for Seems Like Yesterday

 Very exciting to have a video for Seems Like Yesterday out there (see Video page), and to know that people are enjoying it!  I remember sketching out the story for it over a year ago, and now most of those…

House concert!

I'm excited to be playing a house concert here in Regina later this month, with my musical friend from BC, Glenn Chatten. I met 'this other Glenn' at the FreedomFest in Moose Jaw this summer, and we've been aiming to…

Excitement and sadness

Quite a day I had yesterday.  First I hit the heights after learning that I'd been chosen as a finalist for this year's Symphony Under The Sky contest.  I've always been a fan of symphony music, especially anything by Beethoven…

School song

I've been thinking lately about Seems Like Yesterday, a song a wrote about this time last year to mark the end of my oldest boy's time in Elementary School.  I finished it the very day I debuted it in front…

Tour thoughts

I was asked to write a guest blog for the Songwriters Association of Canada site.  I thought should post what I wrote, so here it is!

The path that led to my latest album “Sweet Happiness” (released December 2011)…

Album launched!

Done!  Just sent off a press release and one-sheet (shown here) for the new album.  That means it's officially out there.  Now to get a 'tour of the prairies' set up so people get to hear it!  Busy, busy, busy…

Pre-release track

Very cool to have another album on the horizon!!  I've just added a pre-release track, called Let Love Be Your Guide, to the Music page here.  Aiming for a full release on iTunes in November, hopefully some pre-Christmas distribution, and…

We start today!!

VERY pumped to be heading to the studio today for the first cut at my second solo album!!  Lots of material to work with and great musicians lined up, so should be super fun!!

New album in the works!!

Very excited to have a plan in place for another solo album!  More than a plan, actually.  I've got the amazing David j Taylor on board as my producer again, and we've picked 12 tunes from a list of more…

Song of the Year Collective Works award!!

Finally able to provide some details about the "Collective Works" award I got through the Song of the Year contest.  I'd sent them some of my newer tunes, including Ella Mae and Old Crow, and they all "scored extremely high…