Introducing my band!

I'm excited to be playing with a band again!  Over the last few months I've pulled a fantastic group of musicians together to add depth and breadth to my tunes. The core of the group includes steady-on Steve Kruzeniski on drums and percussion, the ever-tasteful Michael Paul on bass, and the uber-creative Dan Holbrow on guitar. It's still early days, but we sound really good, so I'm going to start lining up shows for us as Rivertime.

Why Rivertime?  Well, rivers often influence my songwriting for some reason, and I like the flow and energy that the word "rivertime" implies.  As a bonus, I just learned that there's a river in Switzerland called the Glenner, which is my family nickname! Fitting, since my last name has Swiss/Bavarian roots, which is why it's pronounced "sueter." 

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