Live on 11th tracks

It's fun to be releasing tracks from the show that my band Rivertime did last April, with harp-man Richie Pollack, as part of the Live on 11th series at the Dodger. The tunes are posted on the Music page and I think they sound great, thanks to top-shelf playing by Richie and the band and mixing/mastering by Brodie Mohninger. 

If you want, you can download them for $0 or whatever you want to pay.

Here's what I've been saying with each post:

1. All You Need - I used to play this love song as a fast, pulsing song and recorded it that way for my first album. I’m glad to have this version, since it has a nice feel with a slower relaxed beat and the band always has fun with it.

2. A Day Like This - For someone who's always been prone to worry, it's surprising that I wrote a song that includes the line "not a care in the world." But that's really how I felt, many years ago on a bright summer day in Assiniboine Park in Wpg. Richie plays on the album version and nails it again here. I especially like when he and Buzz start trading licks towards the end. Add in the groove from Michael bass and Chris drums and it's a keeper!

3. Crazy Game - I'm posting this in early September, as kids and teachers heading back to school and people back to work after a long weekend. Seems like a good time for a new song about getting caught up in the rat race! This is the only recording I have of this tune, so I'm glad we country-rocked it!

4. Green Fire - This is a gentle song inspired by people who are responding to the big issues we all face by making their corner of the world a bit better. I try to do what I can, but I'm inundated and often overwhelmed by news about pervasive social, economic, and environmental problems. This tune comes in handy when I need to reflect and recharge.

5. Old Crow - This tune is about the pursuit of wisdom and how important that is, given the state of the world. I was inspired to write it after watching a crow in downtown Regina. They're amazing, intelligent birds and it got me thinking that wisdom comes in many forms and may be all around us, if we care to see it. Listen for the fantastic extended solo by guitar-man Anthony Bzdell, starting around the 2:10 mark, and the great drumming by in-the-pocket Chris Carman. Carries me away every time!

6. Tiny Devils - The last song, one we often end with, is about the classic struggle between good and evil. It gives people a chance to say "oo-na-na" (oh, no no) to the devil and, as you can hear, they usually do. This tune is a workout for bass-guy Michael Paul and, as usual, he nails it! It's also fun to hear Richie's call-out at the end, even though he makes my last name sound like butter. My bad for assuming people know it rhymes with cuter! 

On behalf of the band, and Richie, thanks again to Jon Hillfor inviting us to be part of the Live on 11th series, to everyone who came out to that show, and to Brodie Mohninger for mixing and mastering these tracks.  

If you've been enjoying them, please let me know. It's always nice to get feedback.

Hope to see you down the road, maybe at the next Rivertime show!

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