Suzuki Playlist for the Planet

Several weeks later, I am still thrilled that my song Weight of the World made it onto the David Suzuki CBC Radio 3 Playlist for the Planet! I have been a big David Suzuki fan for many years, so it's very cool to have this connection to him.

I am also deeply humbled, given the great songs that were entered by other Saskatchewan artists. Thanks to everyone who voted!

I felt the urge to write Weight of the World two years ago, on the final day of a songwriters retreat at Emma Lake, SK. I was putting my guitar away for the last time before heading back to the city, when I starting thinking about Neil Young's Keep on Rockin in the Free World, and how powerful that song is. The first words and melody for Weight of the World came quickly, and it's now a song I often play when concerns about the world start to mount and I need to feel reinvigorated. I guess is helps to sing "I'm going to do my bit" once and a while!

Long live CBC!

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