Vids, TV, Radio, and Merch!

So many exciting things coming up!
  • The video for "Green Fire" will be released today!  You'll be able to see it at after 1 pm CST.
  • Next week I'll be doing early-morning TV on Global Morning (Monday) and CTV Morning (Tuesday).  These links will take you there, if you want to watch.  
  • I'll also be doing an interview with Jeff "Redbeard" Corbett's show "Striving for Independents" on CJTR on Monday afternoon from 3-4 pm CST. You can listen in here:

And then of course there's the big release show Sat, Nov 21.  Many things will be making their debut then, including nice bamboo, low-footprint t-shirts -- my first-ever merch! 


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